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TOP Sports Infrastructure

Are you a ​Parent looking for a ​​High Performance Sports Academy​​ for your Child?

Are you an Academic Institution ​/ Sports Facility​ with ​Infrastructure for ​Sports Coaching?

Are you a Qualified Sports Coach looking for a Full-time Career​?

Are you a ​School looking for ​Certified & Job-ready ​Sports Coaches?

TOP Sports Coaching Program

TOP Sports Coaching is a nurturing program aimed at offering multiple Sports to the children through Qualified Coaches. The program is offered in collaboration with Institutions (School, University or a Sports Complex) with right Sport Infrastructure. Under this program, the best Sports Infrastructure is made available to the neighborhood children. We help the Partner Institution to get transformed into a Sports Center of Excellence. Children are offered a range of Sports to choose and guidance to excel through specialized Sports Coaching by Qualified Coaches. They get to play at least 60 minutes of active play in the chosen Sport to develop Sport specific Skills and Techniques.

Sports Programs Offered




Lawn Tennis







Table Tennis

Wall Climbing

How are we different?

Specialised Coaches

Qualified and Highly Trained Professionals.

Range of Sports

A variety of Games to choose your favorite Sport.

Progressive Curriculum

A structured curriculum which upgrades itself every Quarter.

Right Sports Infrastructure

Experience your favorite Sports at best of the Infrastructure.

Sports Skill & Techniques

Get a chance to learn Sports Skill by Skill and improvising the Technique

Sports Skill Assessments

Get Assessed to find out your Strengths and Areas of Improvement.

Get Recognized

Several Opportunities to differentiate yourself from others at various levels.


Sports Compatibility

Tests to help children identify Sport they are best suited for.


Quarterly Assessments

Assessments of Sports Skills and Fitness for progress monitoring.


Sports Championships

Building Road Map for a successful Career in Sports.


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